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Sharp 80-Inch HDTV Just Got Even Better, Still Value-Priced -



Job Posting : Google Central Ops, Core Processes and Prototypes, Project Lead -

As a member of the newly formed Core Operations Process & Prototype team you will be responsible for LCS Customer Data Management. You will provide project management skills, analytical “horsepower” and business judgment to support strategic and tactical data management activities globally. You will work with the team on all core repeating globally standard operational processes beyond that produced by Planning, Campaign Selling and Analytic teams. Such processes include responsibility for x-Channel Management decisions, LCS Podding, LCS Customer Data Management, and any other centralized sales LCS process that needs eventual operational alignment (e.g. elements of account planning). 

Google has very high performance standards and everyone is expected to work aggressively to achieve challenging goals. You have demonstrated top quartile performance in a blue chip consulting or similar environment and have graduated with outstanding academic performance. You are a self-starter who can work in a rapidly changing industry; you tolerate ambiguity and demonstrate problem-solving leadership with limited oversight. Responsibilities Be the owner of Sales data standards, reference data and coordinate change management in those areas, which includes chairing the Data Management Working Group 

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SugarSync Cloud Storage App Lands on Kindle Fire -

Great black tech blog : 

I think apps like SugarSync being brought to the Kindle Fire is big because it can be looked at as more than just a “Kindle to read books on that can also access web”. Some of the same reasoning behind purchasing a more expensive iPad or native Android tablet (productivity) can possibly be achieved at almost half the cost by purchasing a Kindle Fire.

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"The People United Will Never Be Defeated": Vuzix augmented reality Smart Glasses prototype hands-on (video) -


Remember those wicked holographic augmented reality glasses that DARPA was so hot to build? They’re almost here. Hiding out at Vuzix’s CES booth we found a functional prototype for its Smart Glasses industrial class monocular display — a special lens attached to a proprietary display driver…